Month: September 2012

Balancing Acts

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it happens
After we lose, it difficult to stand upright, but then we learn to be.

Much ado about nothing :D

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Each year as the ramadan will end, i will start craving to put mehndi on my hands and i will turn everyone mad at my house for it. LOL i will do everything from pleading to shouting (and threatening God forbid :D) everyone in my household so that i can go to the near by market and have some mehndi on!

Yes its one of those things for me which is absolutely essential and without which the occasion is not as much fun 🙂 Last year i took my sister-in-law who had no choice but to acquiesce under my pressure and we hit the mehndi stalls  a little late and unfortunately there was this long, menacing line 😦 and we by the time we both had applied mehndi it was 2’o clock at night!phew can you imagine my brother’s stamina ?? he is such a sweetie i will say , him and the sister in law both 😀 and yes it also started to rain like anything haha so we had to run for covers 😀

So this year, i acted way more shrewdly (haha yes desperate situations call for desperate measures) and went to the market at around 7 30 pm when the rush was not to be found 😛 and just presented the outer sides of both the hands for mehndi!

and behold the beautiful design my friends 😛  and i got off in less than 45 mins this time around! And i was happy as a lark 😀 or maybe more! You cant tell because i was over to moon 🙂

John Stupid Ellel~its a mushy story

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“Watson. Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle

Each day i sat beside you, in the lectures and you were my senior and my only acquaintance in the whole class. I took a certain level of pleasure and reassurance that i wont have to make new friends in the class and that each Saturday will be more easy to bear in the class because of you. Each day i made you accompany me to the little coffee stall in the university because i was too sleep-full with the ritual and you smilingly followed me. I had a great time because you drive me towards listening to the teacher and writing down the lectures of business ethics and your appraising eyes made me listen and write in spite of my sleepy state. Then we were given a presentation to do over some philosopher named : “john ellel” and i couldn’t find him on Google which was quite irksome because the teacher was not proving to be any help. We later found, very near to our presentation, that it was Jacques Ellul lol and we have been finding the wrong person all along.

Unfortunately i lagged behind in the preparation of the presentation and thus had to face the consequences when the teacher who was famous in the whole university as the most inhumane driller in terms of questions and answers made me cry in pain 🙂

But none the less i saw you continuously looking out for me, seeing my eyes and realizing the pain of a person condemn by the teacher as not knowing enough. You tried in all true sense to ease me out of my pain by telling what the teacher had done with other people and how merciless he was and as various class fellows gathered around me and shared there stories, the whole episode became more bearable and ended with a laughing and more pacified me.

So in all earnest, sometimes little thoughtful gestures by people will always act as great memories for us and of course great support in times of sadness.

Life and its alternatives!

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“When faced with two equally tough choices, most people choose the third choice: to not choose.
― Jarod Kintz

In life, we are always faced with times when we have to make the tough decisions, and life always wants the best out of you, because it throws the curve-balls for a purpose, so that it can judge you, to make its own decision of how to treat you on your ability to decide and life never treat you good for taking it lightly.

Always we tend to end on cross roads as to which alternative is to be taken, the one which everyone thinks is the wise one and tend to over-complicate  things for you because your heart and instincts tell you otherwise, and stupidly enough this might be the more suitable alternative. However there is an alternative which your whole self accepts almost synchronically(if that’s even a word).

So in the end i am left with what to do? but someone very wise came up with the right advice: In the end, you dont wish to be artificial. And i like that.

I love you!

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I love you, for who you are, someone i pledged to love all my life, despite our differences. I see in you, a kind smile, a power to laugh all all my worries in wink of an eye and to set my mind straight whenever i am in trouble.
you have the power to hold my heart in your palm and not make me vulnerable but rather loved and taken care off!
you make me open up to a world which was wholly unfamiliar to me and take it up in quick strides, to lead myself across stranger tides with confidence.
even today when i don’t see you at my side, i still realize the treasure and solace i once had in our relationship but today i let it go with great dignity, for if it is there to stay, it will come more reformed and more stable than ever, for I will let it see the shine of the day!:D

Cupcakes :D <3 <3

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Yes!one day i got absolutely MAD and made batches and batches of cupcakes 😀 AHA pure blissful indulgence i say!

The journey to the center of deliciousness!

When delving into the cakes have you ever wondered where the cupcakes emerged from? If you are a baking enthusiast and have been into making little delicacy, it will surely interest you to know where all this came from. So today we set forth to discover the origin of these cupcakes!

The cupcakes’ origin has two set of theories behind it. Firstly it is said that the name cupcake came from the idea that the cupcakes could be created with exact number of cups ingredient wise which could be needed to make these little cakes and therefore it was easier making them because the ingredients were used in increasing order mostly (one cup of this, and two cups of that). Thus cupcakes were a very innovative from of a pound cake and they found their origin at a very uncertain time perchance even before the world war I and no one is certain as to who was behind this innovative idea of making small cakes which are way easier to bake and keep track off with easy choice as to their ingredients.

The second theory is that initially cupcakes were made in little cup that were made of clay or some other material and therefore they got their name from their mold.

Today cupcakes have got a lot of distinction and have evolved into something that is totally unique and can be decorated and presented at number of occasion to delight both the eyes and the taste buds. Cupcakes share a similarity with muffins and it is often difficult to distinguish them but cupcakes are more sort of a sweet delicacy while muffins are used as savory.

In recent times, gourmet cupcakes have taken more popularity because they are based around a particular theme and therefore can be presented at number of occasion and to deal with different tastes.

Cupcakes can be made both with or without icings and decoration because they are equally tasty and scrumptious both ways however the latest technique is to make fondant and to decorate the cupcakes with it. In this way anything can be made and set up on the cupcake. For example, the kids like some cartoon characters and can get them decorated on little cupcakes at their birthday to be distributed among friends and peers.

Eid Time :D Big smiles :D

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The Pictorial representation you see above is something i am very proud of, so tread carefully. 😀

So this Eid like always, we decided to host a great feast at our house, calling the paternal uncle and his family after his playful and sarcastic jab at my father that we dint call him in Ramadan on a feast. So me and my Sister in law, who lives with us, went out on the first Eid night to look around for stuff with no luck! 😦 we were almost too sad when:
Thank Lord we spotted a teeny super market which was open.
We quickly bought all our stuff. At home we fight like crazies as to who will cook what 😛 Ah! It was all so much fun! so I, like always, decided to go for dessert (mango soufflé) and did some abstract designs on it and my sister in law went for Russian salad, Singaporean rice, a chicken gravy and lasagne
Wow! She does cooks brilliantly I tell you!

And our food was loved by all and I post pictures so I can get you jealous and slobbering like hell 😛

P.S:i burned 3 fingers 😦