Cupcakes :D <3 <3

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Yes!one day i got absolutely MAD and made batches and batches of cupcakes 😀 AHA pure blissful indulgence i say!

The journey to the center of deliciousness!

When delving into the cakes have you ever wondered where the cupcakes emerged from? If you are a baking enthusiast and have been into making little delicacy, it will surely interest you to know where all this came from. So today we set forth to discover the origin of these cupcakes!

The cupcakes’ origin has two set of theories behind it. Firstly it is said that the name cupcake came from the idea that the cupcakes could be created with exact number of cups ingredient wise which could be needed to make these little cakes and therefore it was easier making them because the ingredients were used in increasing order mostly (one cup of this, and two cups of that). Thus cupcakes were a very innovative from of a pound cake and they found their origin at a very uncertain time perchance even before the world war I and no one is certain as to who was behind this innovative idea of making small cakes which are way easier to bake and keep track off with easy choice as to their ingredients.

The second theory is that initially cupcakes were made in little cup that were made of clay or some other material and therefore they got their name from their mold.

Today cupcakes have got a lot of distinction and have evolved into something that is totally unique and can be decorated and presented at number of occasion to delight both the eyes and the taste buds. Cupcakes share a similarity with muffins and it is often difficult to distinguish them but cupcakes are more sort of a sweet delicacy while muffins are used as savory.

In recent times, gourmet cupcakes have taken more popularity because they are based around a particular theme and therefore can be presented at number of occasion and to deal with different tastes.

Cupcakes can be made both with or without icings and decoration because they are equally tasty and scrumptious both ways however the latest technique is to make fondant and to decorate the cupcakes with it. In this way anything can be made and set up on the cupcake. For example, the kids like some cartoon characters and can get them decorated on little cupcakes at their birthday to be distributed among friends and peers.


One thought on “Cupcakes :D <3 <3

    Hira Nazir said:
    August 26, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    I want them now. =( So awesome!

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