Eid Time :D Big smiles :D

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The Pictorial representation you see above is something i am very proud of, so tread carefully. 😀

So this Eid like always, we decided to host a great feast at our house, calling the paternal uncle and his family after his playful and sarcastic jab at my father that we dint call him in Ramadan on a feast. So me and my Sister in law, who lives with us, went out on the first Eid night to look around for stuff with no luck! 😦 we were almost too sad when:
Thank Lord we spotted a teeny super market which was open.
We quickly bought all our stuff. At home we fight like crazies as to who will cook what 😛 Ah! It was all so much fun! so I, like always, decided to go for dessert (mango soufflé) and did some abstract designs on it and my sister in law went for Russian salad, Singaporean rice, a chicken gravy and lasagne
Wow! She does cooks brilliantly I tell you!

And our food was loved by all and I post pictures so I can get you jealous and slobbering like hell 😛

P.S:i burned 3 fingers 😦


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