Much ado about nothing :D

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Each year as the ramadan will end, i will start craving to put mehndi on my hands and i will turn everyone mad at my house for it. LOL i will do everything from pleading to shouting (and threatening God forbid :D) everyone in my household so that i can go to the near by market and have some mehndi on!

Yes its one of those things for me which is absolutely essential and without which the occasion is not as much fun 🙂 Last year i took my sister-in-law who had no choice but to acquiesce under my pressure and we hit the mehndi stalls  a little late and unfortunately there was this long, menacing line 😦 and we by the time we both had applied mehndi it was 2’o clock at night!phew can you imagine my brother’s stamina ?? he is such a sweetie i will say , him and the sister in law both 😀 and yes it also started to rain like anything haha so we had to run for covers 😀

So this year, i acted way more shrewdly (haha yes desperate situations call for desperate measures) and went to the market at around 7 30 pm when the rush was not to be found 😛 and just presented the outer sides of both the hands for mehndi!

and behold the beautiful design my friends 😛  and i got off in less than 45 mins this time around! And i was happy as a lark 😀 or maybe more! You cant tell because i was over to moon 🙂


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