Month: October 2012


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In the moonlight, as the skies were adamant like a young girl to let the night court them, with the beautiful dress of stars



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They say love free you and guide you home, But what if I was lost in the most dense of mist, in the maze of utter complexity and can never get out?


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Fates loves to play it’s damn cosmic jokes on people, for some eccentric reason it was assigned to that role, until they learn there lessons, so don’t let this respite, let you calm too much.Learn now or cry later, wandering in the dark mist.

The Story of Past

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It was in the very starting of the formation, that everything was created. It was a lustful world then with list ful of things to woo one. However, soon everything become a cliche, because it was now considered very mundane as well and the attractiveness of everything was vanishing. It was then that the scope of terms like “Taken for granted” came about.

This angered the creator because for him nothing was that simple, it took hours of contemplation and hard work -so he thus put the curse of nothing upon the World!

It was later on that the compassion of creator took the best of his anger, and thus to neutralize things something was created. It was then the humans actually took the chance of understanding things and fate helped then learn as well through its occasional cosmic jokes with all the pun intended.

Never too late to lose