The Reversal of A Never!!

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How many times did it happen to us that we said very confidently that such and such thing can NEVER happen or at-least believing in the heart that it won’t, but it turn on our face and got us all embarrassed. This surety we feel about things, is unhinged sometimes so we can learn to be not so self-complacent about ourselves, and so that our feet remain on the ground 🙂

So it happened, in my case, many times to actually cause discomfort!

1. This one time, my mother asked me to cook a milk dessert, for which I had to boil the milk first, and she specifically said keep on stirring the milk (a pre-requisite for milk previously in the freezer) and guess what with all my confidence, I actually burned the 2 litres of milk 😦 needless to say, you can imagine, all that i went through then! (IT WILL NEVER BURN)

2. That one time, I desperately needed the USB for printing a report, and with great assurance i told my brother, No harm will ever come to this little thing, and MAN! the dumb thing got itself in innumerable viruses!:( (IT WILL NEVER GET VIRUSES)

3. The time I went to my sister’s in laws house, and I was younger back then, like maybe in 5th grade and they asked me if would like to have a cup of tea, and my mom was like “No,No” and i was like “yes,yes” and i said i could handle the cuppa tea man! what’s the biggie? And i can swear, the second they handed me the cup, it slipped through my hands, landed on the precious carpet, and gosh, it was surely a punishment from Lord above for disobeying, I am darn sure!(IT WILL NEVER SPILL)

So ages ago, after such a moment, where a never-reversal happened, and i had a very spiritual and soulful kind of moment….

It was like someone said into my ears : Stop With It Already You! and since then i try not to be so sure of things never happening and by God the fate has been easy on me!


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