Perks of being in a winter carnival part 2

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This part is not as such poetic you know!


In your life, has a display as beautiful as this ever lured you?


And then you are forced to buy that serious chocolate tarts they offer!


The bitter sweet feeling after its gone!


Then bitting into your friend’s tart!


This is the most exotic form of ice ever on Earth, we add artificial flavours, syrups in raw albeit finely churned ice! And on top of that, some chocolate topping! Aha! The bliss!


Balloons always, always make me go wild, with pleasure! But I finished all my money on food 😦


Finally, we saw a python, and every girl was so afraid of it, and every guy so in awe of it, well I don’t feel comfortable patting snakes on head! 😛


Finally a far of view of the carnival in the university, while the sun is setting!


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