The list part 1 (When I am bored)

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Its strange really how I have the uncanny ability to annihilate my mind in thinking what I ought to do When i am bored! We often say we had bored ourselves to death, and yet our soul linger behind to whisper that to those who are in their own great worlds, oblivious to our state of maddeningly delusional boredom! umm well I didn’t plan to go all haywire just now, but it comes easy to me when I am bored! So here is my way of coping up with it:

1. Visit the fridge, Scan through for anything! ANYTHING to save my soul! You know a true foodie finds ultimate pleasure in food!

2. I mentally go through a small lists of friends, who I can bore with my rants (OR NOT) because let’s face it, you don’t want them collecting the cheque of this favor ever, esp when they are medical junkies!

3. I go, and, HAUNT the conversations going on between these people on my timelines on social networking site! Oh man! The bliss of being a stalker, and then for giving them the extra chills, I like or favorite random things they say! (SO FAR, SO GOOD) 😉

4. I update my blog, with a post! Anything to keep the likes coming MAN!

5. I take out my secret diary, and it is a quick thing because i hardly wrote anything much, except about a crushes or two, or who was with whom, and who did what kind of stuff. You know, Actually, it takes more time to hide that diary back under layers and layers of books and stuff really!

6. I go through the slam book that I made, and read the comments of the only sane cousin I have and take pleasure in his philosophical musings so much, I have already memorized most of his answers, but none-the-less, its always fun.

7. I watch a good chick-flick or I go on a heavy dose of songs (the sad ones and keep them on repeat mode for extra effects)!

TEEhaaa! Did I not mention I read novels as well, but i guess, so much dramatics is enough for now! 🙂

Tell me how is this list on a scale of 1 to 10 🙂 1 being cool and 10 being excellente! 😀


One thought on “The list part 1 (When I am bored)

    Syed Sohaib said:
    December 1, 2012 at 9:12 am

    I would rate it 15 😛

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