Month: December 2012

Paradise lost~

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Today I sit in utter melancholy and thus beware, and if you want to quit, here, I give you time 🙂

For the more patient souls, I have some things on my mind!

It pains me that how uncertain and how unbelievable the times are, and how scarce my footings against them! You know how it is as they say, we all need good company and no one, by Lord, needs it more than me, but it is scary how quickly things turn ugly and how soon everything turns to a stop. The contradiction of relationships, is my biggest woe by far!

How soon you become the support, the best friends, the undying love of someone and how we pledge of never letting go, only to see it all crumble, and fall down in an unearthly way! It overwhelms me and almost makes me afraid how easy it is to break away!

It pains me, how bad everything turns once someone too essential to our soul go, its like they took our words, our love, our ability to function without them, and it is scary how unstable the life turns, how much time it takes to recover!

Why do thing turn sour so easily and why are relationships so unrecoverable! well for now I only hope, the few closer ones I am left with, will stay, and to those who have gone: may they find better heavens, NOT! 🙂


Missing you

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Its strange how sometimes you miss people, while you are busy in something and for a moment, it hurts like hell.

Its strange how when I put on that body spray, which you suggested, I miss you like hell.

Its strange how when I am watching a movie, I wish so hard that you were by my side, right now.

Its astonishing how when I am in some event, how I wish, If you have been there, It would have been so much fun.

Its very punishing to see the old photos and videos.

Sometimes the whole day I wish for your presence  and sometimes days goes by before I remember you with sheer intensity.

But remember this, I miss you and even though we are not friends or the once strong bond is not so strong, I love you.