Yo crinkles and wrinkles!!

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“You know how it is? These house chores are so not my thing” I say this to myself all around the day, and I guess, its the only thing, that saves me from blabbing insanely about it to my mom. Blabbing to mommy, could lead to all sorts of hazards ranging from some sarcastic comment, to probably a slap or something, though I have not gone to those heights yet 😀

Well yea, so I was talking about house chores and TAADA I present you:


One of my worse fear is indeed this!! I can do all the stuff but this is not my thing and I totally hate ironing. My worse fear is IRONING!!! I do all that I can to run away from it and try to keep away from my laundry drawer, until it is superfluous with freshly wash clothes and my mom couldn’t resist the temptation to shout at me, 12 times a day at least! 😦

Now you see it is not her fault, because my sister and sister-in-law are like this:


So my poor mama thinks, that this is how it must be for every girl, and thus I continue to suffer in pure misery.


In the end, in my defense, because God knows I want one soon or I will crash, Dear fairy godmother if you are reading this piece, SEND someone, anyone, to do my ironing for meh!!!


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