Month: April 2013

Self proclaimed Insomnia

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Thankfully I am among those Lucky people who sleep with much comfort at night, and there have hardly been any traces of insomnia in my past, no annoying episodes of sleeplessness.
But for once I want to be (a little) insomniac really and sometimes I fight sleep because nighttime, is indeed the best and the most peaceful time of the day.
All the creative juices flow, the writer’s block often seize to exist and I get to think freely without any trivial interruptions which a busy day brings.
Nighttime is the most enchanting of my whole 24hour time, because it belongs solely to me, and this little respite from the rush of daytime and solitude of the night, is indeed much appreciated.
So each night I fight sleep like crazy and trick my mind into believing that I have insomnia and usually read and think as long as I can.