Month: April 2014

No easy way around- A Reluctant Arsonist’s diary

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She smiles at me sarcastically

Demurely at first and then stead fast

Why are you tearing these pages drastically?

Why don’t you incinerate them?

like the past.


I looked at her; bemused

I smile at her quizzical look

And gravelly I add then

These are the words I wrote

with my heart.


I was a sadistic arsonist

and I loved the smell of burn

However these words,

I spend all my life to learn and spurn

If they burn, I will be singed too.

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Afraid- a charles bukowski influence sans being stoned

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Some days I fear,

that they will realize

they don’t need to hear

all what comes from my mouth

through my heart,

because of this pessimistic tinge,

and they will term it as whinning.

Some day they will

desert me and not look back

and I will be left behind

in the darkness and pain

of my own miserable thoughts.

A dejected child

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Why did they never feel,

the same pleasure as they did

(when the elder sister was

amongst the standing ovation

proclaimed as a successful engineer)

when they saw her first painted Vase.


Why did they not encourage her

to try new mediums and buy new supplies

Rather she tried to found new ways to stir

any interest in their eyes.

For her “waste of time” career

which they despised.


Today she stands in her gallery

Amidst a huge crowd of admirers

and yet she feels so dispirited inside

Because even though she is

a renowned artist, there is no one

from the family, to receive her tonight.