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Dealing with bitterness!

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Did you notice how you leashed out at your friend/parent/co-worker or any other human being to that matter, when you have been going fine with them for so long and nothing before had ever disrupted the relationship!

It might be so, that the problem started when you came across a person, who was quiet different than you and there were a lot of things that can cause friction but along the years you learned to keep you mouth zipped and compromise for whatever reason like maybe you needed the support back then or something alike.

But what happen is most of us are so afraid, of telling others what actions of their we didn’t like, what things irritated us, those little things so not important and yet so much bitterness just build up on them.

This bitterness will continue to grow slowly and in such a subtle manner that most of the time it won’t even feel to grow, but it is never this way and some day, a little or big issue will be the last of your yielding and compromising and it will come out in the form of leashing at that person or just letting go of the relation and never wanting to see the person face ever again!

So i will advise that it is very wise, that you speak up, in a positive manner and not a stern or harsh way, about how you feel from the start and be confident and polite about it, so that the other person knows what sets you off and how the relation could be made better.

Because the thing about bitterness is that : If kept inside, it eats you and when it comes out of its dark, dreary whole where it was kept for more time than necessary, it stings you 10 times more worse.

So contemplate over things that can make you bitter towards people and share it with them albeit in  calm, polite way.


The Reversal of A Never!!

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How many times did it happen to us that we said very confidently that such and such thing can NEVER happen or at-least believing in the heart that it won’t, but it turn on our face and got us all embarrassed. This surety we feel about things, is unhinged sometimes so we can learn to be not so self-complacent about ourselves, and so that our feet remain on the ground 🙂

So it happened, in my case, many times to actually cause discomfort!

1. This one time, my mother asked me to cook a milk dessert, for which I had to boil the milk first, and she specifically said keep on stirring the milk (a pre-requisite for milk previously in the freezer) and guess what with all my confidence, I actually burned the 2 litres of milk 😦 needless to say, you can imagine, all that i went through then! (IT WILL NEVER BURN)

2. That one time, I desperately needed the USB for printing a report, and with great assurance i told my brother, No harm will ever come to this little thing, and MAN! the dumb thing got itself in innumerable viruses!:( (IT WILL NEVER GET VIRUSES)

3. The time I went to my sister’s in laws house, and I was younger back then, like maybe in 5th grade and they asked me if would like to have a cup of tea, and my mom was like “No,No” and i was like “yes,yes” and i said i could handle the cuppa tea man! what’s the biggie? And i can swear, the second they handed me the cup, it slipped through my hands, landed on the precious carpet, and gosh, it was surely a punishment from Lord above for disobeying, I am darn sure!(IT WILL NEVER SPILL)

So ages ago, after such a moment, where a never-reversal happened, and i had a very spiritual and soulful kind of moment….

It was like someone said into my ears : Stop With It Already You! and since then i try not to be so sure of things never happening and by God the fate has been easy on me!

Much ado about nothing :D

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Each year as the ramadan will end, i will start craving to put mehndi on my hands and i will turn everyone mad at my house for it. LOL i will do everything from pleading to shouting (and threatening God forbid :D) everyone in my household so that i can go to the near by market and have some mehndi on!

Yes its one of those things for me which is absolutely essential and without which the occasion is not as much fun 🙂 Last year i took my sister-in-law who had no choice but to acquiesce under my pressure and we hit the mehndi stalls  a little late and unfortunately there was this long, menacing line 😦 and we by the time we both had applied mehndi it was 2’o clock at night!phew can you imagine my brother’s stamina ?? he is such a sweetie i will say , him and the sister in law both 😀 and yes it also started to rain like anything haha so we had to run for covers 😀

So this year, i acted way more shrewdly (haha yes desperate situations call for desperate measures) and went to the market at around 7 30 pm when the rush was not to be found 😛 and just presented the outer sides of both the hands for mehndi!

and behold the beautiful design my friends 😛  and i got off in less than 45 mins this time around! And i was happy as a lark 😀 or maybe more! You cant tell because i was over to moon 🙂

John Stupid Ellel~its a mushy story

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“Watson. Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle

Each day i sat beside you, in the lectures and you were my senior and my only acquaintance in the whole class. I took a certain level of pleasure and reassurance that i wont have to make new friends in the class and that each Saturday will be more easy to bear in the class because of you. Each day i made you accompany me to the little coffee stall in the university because i was too sleep-full with the ritual and you smilingly followed me. I had a great time because you drive me towards listening to the teacher and writing down the lectures of business ethics and your appraising eyes made me listen and write in spite of my sleepy state. Then we were given a presentation to do over some philosopher named : “john ellel” and i couldn’t find him on Google which was quite irksome because the teacher was not proving to be any help. We later found, very near to our presentation, that it was Jacques Ellul lol and we have been finding the wrong person all along.

Unfortunately i lagged behind in the preparation of the presentation and thus had to face the consequences when the teacher who was famous in the whole university as the most inhumane driller in terms of questions and answers made me cry in pain 🙂

But none the less i saw you continuously looking out for me, seeing my eyes and realizing the pain of a person condemn by the teacher as not knowing enough. You tried in all true sense to ease me out of my pain by telling what the teacher had done with other people and how merciless he was and as various class fellows gathered around me and shared there stories, the whole episode became more bearable and ended with a laughing and more pacified me.

So in all earnest, sometimes little thoughtful gestures by people will always act as great memories for us and of course great support in times of sadness.