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Sometimes, I have about as much faith left in my friends, as indignant atheists in god(s).


Parent’s love

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A father wrote this for his daughter:

eliza is the most brightest of the color in my life,how could i not but put her high and prominant on my canvas,

she is the most shining jewel of my crown,how can i not but polish her and keep her unscratched.

she is like the rainbow in my life, how could i not but make it rain again and again to make her bright and whole.

she is like a warm,deep enveloping pleasure which wrap itself around me to make me whole.

I see in her a piece,a broken remnant of my soul,how could i not but appreciate the beauty of my soul which has disentangled itself from me and now resides with her.

Perchance in her I see something which time snatched from me and instead God supplied me that moment back,with an exceeding esctacy, the value of that moment only i know…

Hello world!

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Today i enter into the realm of a place left by me to explore later ; at a time more suitable to me.

But now i find strength because i believe and so you will see me again and again 😀

bless your heart!