Parent’s love

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A father wrote this for his daughter:

eliza is the most brightest of the color in my life,how could i not but put her high and prominant on my canvas,

she is the most shining jewel of my crown,how can i not but polish her and keep her unscratched.

she is like the rainbow in my life, how could i not but make it rain again and again to make her bright and whole.

she is like a warm,deep enveloping pleasure which wrap itself around me to make me whole.

I see in her a piece,a broken remnant of my soul,how could i not but appreciate the beauty of my soul which has disentangled itself from me and now resides with her.

Perchance in her I see something which time snatched from me and instead God supplied me that moment back,with an exceeding esctacy, the value of that moment only i know…


Only a man!

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For I am a man of deviant nature,as i tend not to believe in the pre-destined nature of man’s affairs, occasionally the fate does outwit me, but then again i was made to use the brain n power within myself, for its my existence essence.


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For the heavens have open themselves up to us and the tears of the sky unfolds, 
For the wind whispers up to us, of secrets not foretold.



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The hollow of your heart holds an indefinably secret air,upon which the secrets of mind play to the harp of the beloved eyesImage

mirror mirror-part 1

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“And why should I answer that”, the mirror asked me with a look of sheer annoyance which comes with someone who knows he is in a position to negotiate unscrupulously.

“To humor me for once” I said with a very nonchalant tone of voice, but with an anxious attitude of an eager child.

I guess the mirror recognized the uncertainty in my voice because it eyed me suspiciously and then in a very subtle tone, like a secret agent, it said “what’s in it for me?”

I smirked and then said “AHA! Someone is coming to conciliation”.

The mirror looked at me with a condescending look and then rolled its eyes in a pompous fashion before it moved it hands towards me and said in an overly dramatic look “join the club”.

It was at that moment that full force of my actions came into my full focus. I was lifted from the face of the earth and lifted into a strong gust of wind like a rag doll and then … well never mind, nothing of that sort happened. Yes I am very privy to lying so excuse my power of deception for that.

As I was transported into a new world, the first sensation was of pure heat and I felt if the sun would melt me into vapors. It was just then that I felt a presence beside me. The aura was that of utter confidence and before I could look around I heard him say “so?”

I felt exceptionally angry and turned around to cast a very seething look at him but I got all taken aback. Behind me stood a very tall, handsome man whose features were very hard to miss and as he saw me look at him all wide-eyes, a bemused and knowing expression came upon his face. I felt very displeased as this expression of ridiculous adulation on my behalf, but couldn’t look away without a streak of blush growing on my face.

I guess he realized my annoyance and thus stopped with a smile and said “savvy”.

To conceal my weakness, I just asked “and where have you brought me now?” “My, my being very impatient today, are we?”

I just ignored him then and started observing my surroundings. It seemed I was in a dark alley of some kind and constantly I saw people quickly rushing off towards a certain direction with a very preoccupied look. The people I saw, belonged to a variety of age groups, but it seemed as if certain energy possessed them in those moments. I became exceedingly perplexed because it was almost impossible to understand where I stood on the face of earth.

I thus looked back at him with a blank face and he must have recognized it because he said “any guesses as to where we might be?” I looked with uncertainty and then said “hell’s kitchen” with as much disdain as my tongue could possibly fathom.

He laughed then with a particularly soft style, which was even more attractive and then said “ever the pessimist” and looked away with a thoughtful expression towards the group of people walking towards the particular direction. He looked extremely doubtful at those moments and then turned towards me. 


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Her eyes are crystal clear
But there is an unknown fear in them,
Her words are deep and beautiful
But there is an unknown terror in them
A tremble in her voice shows
She is facing uncountable foes
She lacks the confidence everyone has
She looks quiet depressed n sad
She smiles but her eyes cry
She has an agony in them but is shy
She never tells what her heart behold
But when I ask she turns quiet cold
Her smile vanishes, she stare at me
And then ran fast past me.
I want to say oh dear stranger
Don’t you know about your secret anger?
Your face is your emotion’s index
And it never is quiet relax
Why don’t you make me your ally?
Why don’t on me do you rely?
But never did she listen to me
Oh my! Why did she did that to me
I waited days, months and years
But never did I hear
Again that beautiful soothing voice
Those beady eyes which seem so nice
I wanted to give her special care
And wanted to end her tears
Before they fell in despair
I wanted to end them, then and there
But never again I saw those eyes
Those beady eyes which seem so nice

Hello world!

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Today i enter into the realm of a place left by me to explore later ; at a time more suitable to me.

But now i find strength because i believe and so you will see me again and again 😀

bless your heart!