Of identity and Relatedness

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You know how it is, for humans since their very existence, trying to associate or relate to something, to try and reach something that identify or make them stand out in this world of utter chaos. That thing for me, always have been : READING taa-daa! I said it!

Well since my very childhood, I have been very much into reading stories, and I was most impressed by the stories of the Kings and how they would set difficult and impossible tasks and often the reward to successfully accomplish them would be the fair Princess marriage to any man fearless and bold enough! Mostly it would be this way that a very poor guy would come and do the brave deed, and get married to the fair princess!!! (how tame of the princess to marry like that, on Daddy’s order 😛 )

But stories helped me escape into a world, where I forgot my problems and worries and for once, everything would be about someone other than me, a world where anything could happen, in minutes and hours things would change ; for better or for worse! You know how it is when you discover the power of words and often words become the very essence of your existence! How they become your identity, how overwhelmed a person becomes when he is unable to let out his thoughts and that writer’s block is so killing!