The confession of a sitter

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Have you ever been steamed and heated like a chicken about to be served on a platter? Well, if you haven’t, let me narrate the exact details to you.

I go to my university through a van allocated particularly for that purpose and I am the last person to be on the van so I get to sit on the “Hot Seat” also known to the muggles as “the engine seat”.


You can witness all the people in the van, sniggering at me and enjoying my extreme awkwardness at this particular sitting arrangement.


The engine seat after sometime would get really hot! I could actually feel the heat emanating from the seat and soon it was too hot to be bearable. I could almost see in my mind’s eye, my muscles flinching while my leg cells sizzle and I can imagine a legless me, wriggling like a snail and I can’t take it more so I go all crazy!


I seemed like a character right out of an apocalyptic movie and several people came out of their inception like stupor to watch and then continue to drool on whilst sleeping.

Whilst the Freshies (Freshmen) near me, took the cue as if I was Vanessa freaking Hudgen and started chanting like it was a scene of HSM in their ludicrously amusing voices “I am hot”. In their minds, these minions were trying to make me more embarrassed, so they could avenge the shame brought upon them through ragging.

Well I huffed and puffed all I could but, I had no choice but to let my leg sizzle and the pain fizzle.

The next day, I had two choices:

  1. To walk the hall of shame again like a damn wallflower
  2. Change the damn van!

So obviously I took the third choice woke up early, ask my father to drive me to a friend house and grab a better seat to save myself from a sure leg amputation. Next time, I stared down the freshie who had to sit on the engine sit, with the biggest damn sneer ever!!! She never lived to tell the tale really 😀

The not so subtle reverse psychology

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You know how they say, reverse psychology does wonders and all, I am now gonna try it on all of you:


Let’s see now:

how many rebellious soul are out there, in this world?