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Customerized Products here, Say NO to assembly lines!

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The problem is not only my weight,

But also these dark circles under my eyes

It is also the ineffective retainers that I put ages ago

that did a poor job of keeping my teeth in a disciplined line

So you want me to put them again,

and go through more needless pain.

You grumble when I read too much

because it will render me blind

You say I should see TV in adult supervision

as I am too young to make a wise which-channel-to-watch decision!

You think I have (too many) white hairs

and constantly ask why I don’t camouflage them enough

You complain that maybe I should laugh and talk more

and copy my adult social sibling, who you adore

I implore and warn you yet again

End your unnecessary puerile complains

I will not be reduced on your wish and command

to status of a assembly line object, on your demand